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David J Haskins

David J Haskins, better known as Daivd J, for the better part of his career is predominantly known for his works as a songwriter and bassist for the seminal goth rock band Bauhaus. Past Bauhaus his later work would consist of albums with David J and The Jazzbutcher while his former bandmates (guitarist Daniel Ash and his brother Kevin Haskins) were off without him recording as Tones On Tail.  Later he would reunite with these two forming one third of the legendary pop band Love & Rockets. David J Haskins is now performing solo as an acoustic musician in the later 2000's, his work as a soloist covers his ground wth Bauhaus, Love & Rockets and his own written litanies. In 2018 David J Haskins appears on three releases available through Erototox Decodings including a self-released 7" consisting of "Bela Lugosi's Dead (Undead Is Forever)/Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?" 7", he performs bass on a record by Plume Veria entitled Fact | Fiction and his own solo release entitled Loner