Flak Bond was a dormant project first created by XAMBUCA’s Chandra Shukla and Saifir a.k.a. Todd Mellors. The two had been musical friends going back to the 90’s where both were members of various projects including Larry Thrasher’s Thrasher Qawwal & Party project and an all star collaborative supergroup distastefully named Poo Poo Shoe. Both of these projects were short lived and influenced both Mellors and Shukla to go their own ways. Sometime around 2007 and onwards, Mellors and Shukla collaborated live often performing together as ‘Xambuca and Saifir’. The two had many recordings of their collaborations as well and this gave birth to FlakBond. Most of these recordings were done in Mellors’ studio in PDX. The term implies the harsh criticism rendered from giving each other ‘flak’ and the ability to be friends that ‘bonded’ over their very opinionated views on music. Their debut recording Safety Belt is a culmination of those recordings from over a decade ago.