Cotton Ferox

The Swedish electronic duo consisting of Carl Abrahamsson and Thomas Tibert, formerly of White Stains. Dark Ambient, Trip-Hop, Electronica with psychedelic twists. Have collaborated with other legendary artists like Genesis P-Orridge, Krister Linder and Michael Moynihan.

The following text is a message to their fans – and to the world:

”We like music that is resonant with the human spirit. We like music that inspires dreams, be that daydreams or those firmly attached to the realm of the night. We like music that evokes spaces and mysteries, times and truths. We like music that confuses and clairifies at the same time. We like music that pierces and pads up at the same time. We like music that swings in all directions and is perfectly balanced and still at the same time. We like music right now from a totally different time. Music of the future from past times, still vibrating through harmonies and rhythms – clashing echoes of future times.

Some tones can’t be heard and some notes can’t be seen. Cotton Ferox certainly don’t care. What’s there to be used will be used. What’s there to be heard will be heard. And, perhaps, even listened to.

Genuine expressions have a value that lasts. Non-genuine expressions are caught in the temporal prison cells of human culture. Cotton Ferox’ music and any ideas presented in the music are ALWAYS there for the taking – we graciously provide tonal vibrations for listeners long dead, as for those about to be born.

Cotton Ferox promote music that sets the human spirit free. That’s why we endorse keeping the non-genuine expressions and their creators behind locked tonal bars. As Royal Knights in the past, we are willing to fight for our musical ideas and ideals. Our electronic and other swords will lovingly mow down the musical polluters of the Universe, to make way for more dreams and more experiences of pure music.

Cotton Ferox love and live for the harmony of the spheres and actively strive to integrate that harmony in thought and deed in the music that’s issued. The music is not issued as easy listening for hip consumers with a liking of the weird. Our music is issued as a cleansing agent for all cosmic spheres. We want to tune and turn the Universe right again and we will not give up until the work is done.” Cotton Ferox have also summed up their philosophy very well in their own manifesto:

“Definition? No. Explanation? No. Why not? No.

If anything, Cotton Ferox is the little piece of cotton used in desinfecting the spot where the lethal injection goes in. An example of hypocritical humanism. We’re going to have you killed within ten minutes but we want to make sure, for your own sake, that you don’t catch an infection from the hypodermic needle.

As for the music, we live in a sphere of contrasts. Soft beats, hard scapes. Hard words to soft structures. Soft whispers to ravaging whipping. Cotton Ferox is the wonderful cloud in the blue sky when you’re lying down on the grass, your head spinning on LSD. It’s also the second half of the film ”Cannibal Ferox”.

As you listen, don’t remember. As you listen, don’t expect what the next sound will be. You won’t find it. There will be a microupheaval of your expectations. Not because we necessarily want you to be squeezed through a transcendental process of annihilating good and evil. But because we want you, honestly and sincerely, to enjoy more. To enjoy the music more. The words. To enjoy yourself more. And us.

Open for suggestion. Open for collaboration. Open for being open 24 hours.