RK Faulhaber / XAMBUCA

“Wiping With Pride” marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship between RK Faulhaber and Chandra Shukla (XAMBUCA). Together the two would be come the base formula for XAMBUCA live performances. Both Dr. Faulhaber and Professor Shukla embark on a journey through electroacoustic and electronic breathing and uneasy gargles of a sonic chemistry lab of sorts.Shukla’s stretchy drones and Faulhaber’s narrow and convoluted voices litter this disc. The formal title of this release was to be “Final Entry for the Seventeenth Annual Rhumba/PickwickTreatise at Krakatoa on Binaural-Acoustical Non-Sounds Displayed in Contemporary Hyper-Musicological Substrata, ed.: Wiping With Pride”. It was DJ’s on SFBay area college radio station KFJC that began to refer to the album title as “Wiping With Pride”, as the title’s length was an on-air anomaly to iterate. More of the many puns brought to you by the ambiguously weird duo. It was released and made available in 5 handmade copies done in black and white and silver paint pen scribbling on the disc art at a Godwaffle Noise Pancakes show on May 28th, 2006. This is one of the legendary performacnes where Shukla went missing in a white shroud while Faulhaber had his two sons with him while controlling the mixer. Remembered by the few who were there. Future plans have been made for further collaboration but have not yet materialized, stay tuned.