Ilpo Väisänen

Ilpo Väisänen was the other half of the Finnish duo Pan Sonic along with the late Mika Vainio (5.15.63 - 04.12.17), they were one of the most ground-breaking and innovative projects in contemporary electronic music. Doing music in the 1990s and early 2000s where computer music dominated, the group was known for recording everything live, straight to DAT (Digital Audio Tape) using home-made and modified synthesizers with effect units. In December 2009 their split was announced, and Mika and Ilpo continued on with their own projects. Ilpo’s former releases on his own label Kangaroo, a sub-label of Raster-Noton, have clearly shown his personal affinity with dub music. Together with Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM), Ilpo Väisänen formed Angel in 1998, renamed die Angel in 2017 and continues to tour and perform with die Angel and perform solo also. It should be noted that die Angel has actually been a project longer than Pan Sonic and in 2019 they celebrated their 20th anniversary with a concert in Berlin before touring North America with Xambuca. Currently Ilpo lives and works as a sound artist in Kuopio, Finland and continues to tour, perform and record under many monikers including I-LP-O In Dub, I-LP-ON, Liima, Piiri and his own name Ilpo Väisänen.