Elisa Faires 

Elisa Faires has been singing since the age of 8 years. Her early beginnings were rooted in choral singing. In college she studied opera and classical music as well as electronic music. One of her teachers was Dr. Robert Moog. Since then she has performed and recorded with several different projects such as Astral Magick Soundtrack, Paw of Zing, Imaginary Numbers, Squeegy-G, The Wood Bunnies and Xambuca. For the past few years she has been experimenting with vocals and harmonies using multi-tracking, loops, effects, and electronics. Her installation piece "Photosynthesis" for The Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center was the basis for an a'capella album by the same name.

Faires also composes music for Butoh dance and movement and performance art. She has composed and played for Butoh Legacy Asheville, Anemone Dance Theater, and Cilla Vee Life Arts.