Earthmonkey is Peat Bog, you may know him from the act known as 'Nurse With Wound' and on releases such as 'An Awkward Pause', 'The Swinging Reflective', 'Alice the Goon', 'Yagga Blues', 'Acts of Senseless Beauty' (with Aranos), 'Rock N' Roll Station' etc. etc. and on the infamous 'Beastings' release by Crystal Bell Schrodd, as well as the Inflatable Sideshow: a side project with previous Nurse collaborators Darragh Grealy (RIP) and Steven Stapleton. 
Eathmonkey is Peat's own psychedelic generation and sonic vision with friends including Oli, MR Percival, Ross Holland and various others. Earthmonkey released its successful debut "Audio Sapien" on Beta-Lactam Ring Records in 2004. Since then, Earthmonkey continues to amaze and mesmerize its listeners as Peat Bog's multi instrumentalist talent is heard time and again on all these releases.  Bog stays true to his music and has devoted his entire musical moniker and pseudonym to the idea of the sacred monkey, something he believes we all truly have the potential of being.