Plume Varia

Plume Varia are Denver, Colarado’s couple duo Shon and Cherie Rae Cobbs turned dark-wave pop band. They are the first and only pop style music signed to Erototox Decodings. They teamed up with Erototox friend David J Haskins (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets/Jazzbutcher/David J and The Gentleman Thieves) to give us Fact/Fiction available directly from Erototox Decodings. Fact | Fiction was recorded at Sonic Ranch studios in Tornillo TX in March of 2016. This album was produced by and features David J Haskins of Bauhaus/Love & Rockets on bass and vocals, with a special appearance by Josh Freese (of Nine Inch Nails, Devo, The Vandals, The Replacements...) on the track Nightfall. The album was available on cd format in 2017 but made its way to vinyl through our label. Plume Varia's music is the balance of lonesome lilting melody and the promise of assured forward motion. Cherie's alluring and imaginative songwriting married with Shon's pull to darker, brooding production creates a dense, refined and consuming sound. They recently opened up for David J and Peter Murphy’s “40 Years of Bauhaus Ruby Celebration Tour” opening for them at their San Francisco / The Chapel residency.